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Warranty Information

This warranty is offered to you as a purchaser (“you”) by the Owen Mumford entity whose details are set out on the relevant device packaging (“we” or “us”). You cannot transfer this warranty to anyone else. This warranty is in addition to, and does not affect, your rights as a consumer or purchaser under the laws of your country.This warranty applies for twelve months from the date of purchase (the “warranty period”).If the device is or becomes materially defective during the warranty period, please notify us providing details of the defect and we will provide you with a replacement device. Subject to the laws of your country, we shall have no further liability to you after we have provided you with a replacement device.When you contact us, we may ask you for details of the batch number or other form of identification of the device in order for us to further investigate the defect. We may also ask you to return the device and any provision of a replacement device is subject to us receiving the defective device from you.This warranty will not apply to defects which are attributable to:

  • fair wear and tear;

  • handling, storage or use of the device other than in accordance with our instructions, or improper handling, storage or use of the device; or

  • damage or breakage caused by accident or by external causes beyond our control.

 About Owen Mumford

Owen Mumford is a global industry leader in medical device design and manufacturing.

We develop pioneering medical products under our own Owen Mumford brands as well as custom device solutions for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

These innovations help patients and healthcare professionals deliver effective treatments for conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many other therapy areas. Our solutions are used as part of self-management plans and in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies, care homes and clinics around the world.

Through our work and our partnerships we seek to improve quality of life, encourage adherence to treatment and reduce healthcare costs. Making a world of difference, to a world of people.

Advanced design to manufacturing for global solutions

With a 60-year history of medical device firsts, Owen Mumford offers innovations for sampling and drug delivery from a broad base of proven self-injection and blood sampling platform devices and intellectual property.

Our extensive research, design and manufacturing capabilities produce leading-class medical devices that are used by a worldwide audience – with almost 90% of our products exported to more than 60 countries. We are committed to bringing life-saving and life-changing devices to new markets around the globe.

Headquartered in Oxford, England, Owen Mumford has offices in the UK, USA, France, Germany, and Malaysia and specialist distributors across five continents. Selected as one of The World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies, we are a trusted partner to many of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies and work closely with international partners to support our customers at a local level and to provide consistent and dedicated service.

You can read more about Owen Mumford here.

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