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Why Test?

There are many reasons

for considering an HIV test.

  • You are entering a new relationship

  • Regular testing is part of your monitoring routine

  • You have multiple sexual partners

  • You and your partner want peace of mind

  • Had unprotected sex or experienced a condom malfunction

Around 1 in 14 people living with HIV in the UK don’t know they have it. The only way to know your HIV status is to get tested. Testing puts you in control of your health.


If you have HIV, the sooner you find out and start treatment, the better it is for your health. Effective HIV treatment means you can expect to live as long as anyone else and can prevent you from passing the virus on.


Remember: a negative test result in the past is no longer accurate if you’ve taken risks since.


London continues to have the highest rates of HIV in the country: 34% of new diagnoses in 2018 were in London residents and 38% of people seen for HIV care were living in London.


Anyone can get HIV but people from some groups or parts of the world are more likely to be affected. In particular, men who have sex with men and black African people are disproportionately affected.


  • A test in good time can ensure that you get excellent treatment and care

  • If you start treatment early, before HIV weakens the immune system, you will most likely be able to live a full, healthy and productive life

  • Without treatment, your HIV infection may develop into AIDS, which is highly likely to shorten your lifespan considerably

  • People diagnosed late have a ten-fold increased risk of death within 1 year of HIV diagnosis compared to those diagnosed promptly (3.8% vs. 0.35%)

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